My Name is Blue Trailer: A Milestone Documentary about Sea Turtles in the Mediterranean

My Name is Blue Trailer: A Milestone Documentary about Sea Turtles in the Mediterranean

This documentary was filmed in four Mediterranean countries, with the support of nine environmental organizations (United Nations (SPA/RAC), DEKAMERWWF GreeceARCHELONWWF TunisiaMedPANNational Marine Park of ZakynthosWWF Turkey and MEDASSET. Ittakes the viewer on an in-depth journey through the life cycle of sea turtles, while highlighting both the threats they face and the efforts to protect them across the Mediterranean. Featuring interviews with people from the fishing sector and the local communities, “My Name is Blue” has beautiful cinematography and  includes stunning underwater scenes. The documentary, which is currently being shown at international film festivals, was created by MindTheBump and produced by MEDASSET as part of the MAVA Foundation-funded program, “Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region”.

The efforts by environmental organizations, international bodies, volunteers, scientists, and local communities to save the species, unfold in a masterpiece of storytelling that centers on the life cycle of sea turtles as they navigate the Mediterranean Sea. Their journey progresses alongside that of the film’s creative team as they travel to capture scenes in Greece, Albania, Turkey and Tunisia. “My Name is Blue” is a hymn of praise to the Mediterranean and to the importance to sea turtles – a markedly migratory species – and of cooperation… if we are to protect them from man-made threats.

The documentary has been selected and is being screened at international festivals such as the Cefalu Film Festival, the Chania Film Festival, the Inheritance Festival 2022 Summer Edition, the Ierapetra International Documentary Festival, the Festival Cine del Mar-Puerto deI deas Biobio in Chile, winning a commendation at the Vaasa Wildlife Festival in Finland in the Underwater category.

The film has captured the interest of the international streaming platform, WaterBear, whose content has an exclusively ecological stance and a worldwide audience. 

As George Sampson, Director of MEDASSET, stated, “Raising public awareness on matters critically important to the environment, such as the loss of biodiversity that is due to human activities, is always at the heart of MEDASSET’s efforts. Our aim is to inspire people to make changes in their behavior. We believe that a documentary like My Name is Blue can achieve that.”



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